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Land and Habitat Consultancy

          Specialist planting and design

         for your farm or lifestyle property

• Have waterways that need planting?
• Need to control stream bank erosion?
• Have a swamp that needs transforming into a environmental sanctuary?
• Want to create habitats for native birds and wildfowl?
• Have enough shelter plantings to protect stock and crops?
• Need advice on how best to re-establish native vegetation?
• Own a lifestyle property which needs a landscape refurbishment?
• Plan to have a source of nectar or manuka honey?
• Aspire to attain a high survival percentage through the first critical 2 years?
• Know that we at Land And Habitat Consultancy can help best in these areas?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a YES, then you're probably looking for a source of realiable information and advice.
We can provide you with an Environmental Plan for your Farm or Smallholding.

Incorporating trees for Special Purpose Timber and Fruit Crops.

Erosion Control without the use of willows and poplars which have proved to create more problems than they have solved.

There is a native plant for every situation and requirement.

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