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Fenced off riparian zones on dairy farms are now mandatory, as many in the industry would know.  They are a natural filtering system, ensuring better water quality in our streams and rivers.  Our background of 5 years in forestry, 15 years in agriculture and 22 years in horticulture have prepared us well for assisting you in this area with multiple options.  If you’re minded to use only natives, don’t get locked into using only cabbage trees, flaxes, toetoe and the salt-marsh varieties of Olearia and Plagianthus. We offer a wide range of species, each fitted to their correct natural situation.

Talk to us about the best utilisation of these zones, particularly if you are a livestock farmer. You will be impressed with the difference that the right plant selection will make to ascetic appeal of your farm. (Refer to shelter page.)  No need to think you will ‘lose income’ by allocating a hectare or two of pasture over the total area of your farm.  As mentioned under the ‘Shelter’ category, the riparian zone can incorporate other benefits if selection is well planned.

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