Conservation Projects

Among these are:

  • Wetlands
  • Wild Fowl Habitats
  • Riparian  
  • Revegetation Projects
  • Manuka
  • Erosion Control


We build embankments,earth bunds, weirs,and ponds

We plant these to create...

Wildfowl Habitats

which allow the reintroduction of native plants and fresh water fish.

On the stream banks, We plant the 


area with native species and where there is higher ground we will help you with other

Revegetation Projects

which can include special natives,wood-lots or


which is currently grown for its value in honey. We have techniques which enable low cost regrowth over 2 -3 years.


We have fulfiller special projects for private landowners, DOC, Educational groups, and Iwi / Hapu throughout the North Island.

Eco-sourcing from local plant native provenances is an option in many of these projects and we have documentation of specific sites for specific plants throughout the North Island from which we can procure seed or cuttings.

Our system includes GPS locations of about 200 different native species in various areas throughout the N.Is. These include:

  • Native sedges, tussocks and reeds for wetland and riparian sites.
  • Pioneering species for revegetation and habitat establishment.
  • Podocarps and canopy species for second-stage follow-up in the revegetation process and for re-introduction into remnant bush sites.
  • Rare, endangered or hard-to-find, native plants to include in the above mentioned projects.
  • Native climbers.

Revegetation has been a large segment of our work over the years and we have some unique techniques for success and survival.

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