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Sand Dune stabilisation, road embankments and amenity plantings represent an additional perspective of the work we have been involved in over the years.  This has mainly entailed sub-contracting to Roading Contractors and implementing the design plans of Civil Engineers and Consultants.

We have a policy of guaranteeing all projects where we plan the project, supply the plants and oversee the planting. 

We scrutinise any plan we are asked to price carefully before commitment.  This is to ensure there is more than a sporting chance for them to not merely survive, but to thrive without the need for replanting later due to poor initial selection.  Where there is doubt we make our own recommendations and if these are not considered appropriate we don’t tender for the contract.  It is more important to us to be confident we can guarantee success.

Most of our utilisation of Natives in this area is done for the private sector.

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