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Nectar for honey can be incorporated into any of the planting ideas on this website. Read on to find how we can help you to maximise the opportunity for year-round nectar supply.

Since Oct 2013 we have been collecting seed from a variety of different Manuka provenances.
The earliest of these began flowering in September and they progressed through until the beginning of March.
The flowering times may be influenced by stresses relating to seasonal and locational factors which may influence their ‘normal’ flowering time in different parts of the country. All seed has been collected from isolated locations. Bear in mind there is always a genetic variation within strains of the same species.
We’re happy to contract-grow plants through to small grades suitable for planting but won’t be doing any ‘on-spec’. Come back to us with anticipated quantities and we’ll give you a price. We have however, come up with an innovative system for extensive re-establishment of ‘hectares’ of manuka. To discuss these methods in any depth we would need to sign a contract prior.
There are other trees both native and Australian which provide year-round nectar, including throughout the winter months. We can provide plans, advice, plants and on-going project management to provide every opportunity for success.
We can also lead you to:
• suppliers of beekeeping equipment
• 50/50 contracts – you supply the manuka crop – they will manage, market and harvest as a joint venture

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